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In today’s world, technology has changed the way we have to think about our daily routines that involve appliances. New appliances have sensors that determine the amount of water or heat that is required for each cycle. Below are some helpful hints and information to help maintain your appliances and keep them in optimal working order.


Did you know, that soft water doesn’t have enough friction to wash and rinse away soap?
If you live in Vancouver, Burnaby or New Westminster area; you probably don’t need more than one or two tablespoons of soap in a front load washing machine due to the fact that the water is soft. You must also use H.E. (high efficiency) soap. It will be labeled H.E. on the packaging. Soap that doesn’t get rinsed away in the cycle accumulates and eventually causes an odor. A helpful hint is to keep the door ajar after use and wipe around your seal regularly to prevent soap build-up.

Another helpful hint is when you are loading your washer; load it to full capacity as this will, believe it or not, clean the clothes better. This is because every spin the washer will attempt to balance the load five to ten times. If a balance is achieved, it will reach high speed and save time in your drying. When there is not enough clothes inside, the washer has a more difficult time distributing the weight evenly inside your drum. This could slow down the spin cycle and even abort completely (unbalanced cycle).
Lastly, if you like to save energy and wash with cold water, you need to use soap specifically for cold water. Laundry soap has an activation temperature and is not effective if the soap is not engineered for cold water.


Technology has created new dryers that are ventless. The dryer has 1 micro screen filter to catch the lint. It is necessary to keep the filter clear. A thin layer of film can form from using too much soap or fabric softener. This can cause a blocked filter. A test one can perform is to run water over the screen and ensure that the water is flowing through or you can visually inspect it by holding it up to the light. Clean your condenser filter once a week for optimal performance.

Dryers that have vents, also have filters that should be maintained in the same manner as above. Keeping your filter clean prevent over drying, which can damage your clothing.


With new technology, dishwashers may not work the same as your old one did. Here are helpful hints for optimal performance from your dishwasher. The newer dishwashers have sensors that determine how much heat is required for the cycle. If the dishes have been rinsed, the sensor will set the heat below what is actually required for a clean wash. When you rinse your dishes, it doesn’t help clean the dishes or prolong the life of the machine, it’s actually the opposite. Scrap the food waste off of the dish and place in dishwasher. Do NOT RINSE! If you do rinse and add soap, it will cause the soap to over work and etch your glasses and pit your silverware. It will also shorten the life of the rubber seals causing leaks. Jetdry or a rinse aid is a product that will help remove all films and residue. If you use a rinse aid, the water just beads off of the dishes like the rain beads off a vehicle when it’s been waxed.

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